Fixing failed emails

In ACF, if email failed to go out because the message itself had a problem - incorrect mail server, etc. - one could literally open the file, fix it, and respool it. To my dismay, I discovered that how Lucee handles email is a rather closed system.

One first must find the message under the web admin “Tasks”, and review what’s wrong. For some reason, i have a bunch of messages that are “timing out”, even though the web app is currently sending messages just fine. So SOMETHING in the message is incorrect. However, i see no way to get to the actual raw email/content to see what it’s trying to do. I can only “delete” or “execute” the task. But the task must be depending on a message SOMEWHERE, yes? The timeout appears to be related to either an authentication issue, or a port issue, or something… either way, when the task runs, it seems the SMTP server info is baked into the MESSAGE instead of relying on the SMTP server that’s currently configured and working for the web app.

This is Not Good™ as one should be able to correct email(s) and re-queue them. Sometimes messages ARE important, cannot be regenerated easily, and should be able to be handled manually.

Am I missing something?

I agree we need a way to handle email better. In ACF, I used to keep an eye on the undeliverable folder. My dashboard showed how many emails were there. If I had more than 5 messages there, I also got a text that there was a problem. I would fix it and then move the messages to the Spool directory and they would be retried.
With Lucee, how can I get an alert if the mail isn’t going out correctly?

Lucee still has a “mailspool” directory at /WEB-INF/lucee/remote-client/

Unfortunately, the format is not as clear as the .cfmail (iirc that was the extension on ACF).

You might be able to make something out of them though, if you just need to change a port number or something I would suggest running a search on the directory.

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You can open the .tsk files easily enough with LoadObject(). IMHO the result is actually much more useful than the spool files that are available in ColdFusion

inafinchtg, can you be a little more specific? I’m trying to resend emails that were failed and they still have the wrong server information when I try to resend. Is there anyway of modifying the emails resending

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No solution?
Maybe load object, edit object, save object. Can’t wait to test

Do you perhaps have an example for this?? I tried it with objectLoad() but that does not work. Much appreciated… have several hundred mails that need to be resend because TLS was not defined in the mailserver setting.