[fixed] Lucee : Linux installer missing

Is the Linux installer for the latest Lucee release still being rebuilt or something ?

It’s not listed on the download.lucee.org page or available directly at the expected page. The older one for is though.

We have some systems that are built in a Ci/CD type manner (AWS CodeDeploy) and so script the installer rather than running Docker.

# wget https://cdn.lucee.org/lucee-
--2023-07-11 09:10:19--  https://cdn.lucee.org/lucee-
Resolving cdn.lucee.org (cdn.lucee.org)...,,, ...
Connecting to cdn.lucee.org (cdn.lucee.org)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2023-07-11 09:10:19 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

yeah, my ubuntu vm died and i need to rebuild it, but I’m busy with other stuff, so I won’t be able to build

Maybe you feel like getting involved, it would be great to automate this build process with a github action

I can try. Is there a script somewhere ?

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all the manual steps are currently documented in the readme

ticket for doing this is [LDEV-1120] - Lucee

ideally, you could write a cfml script using GitHub - lucee/script-runner: The Fastest way to run CI with Lucee
to prep all the files

  • grab tomcat
  • grab java
  • grab the lucee.jar (see version input below)
  • update the version in the lucee.xml file

then download and install installbuilder and execute the installer build with the lucee.xml file

do a test install to validate it works (i.e. command line silent install, non gui)

publish the artifact (aka the installer)

follow the approach from lucee-docker files for the version input

Might be easier as a shell script called as another job from main.yml ? Removes a moving piece, and GitHub - lucee/lucee-installer: Source files for the Lucee installer seems straight forward to script ?


whatever works :slight_smile:

So a basic version might look like https://github.com/tomchiverton/lucee-installer/blob/master/build.sh

I’m stuck, because I don’t know where the .xml that Install Builder needs is.

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Doh. Dunno why didn’t see that.

New version uploaded. This seems to build a working Linux installer executable.

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need a health check of some sort to confirm it’s working?

i.e the output of returns status 200 and contains LUCEE_VERSION

i.e. the You are now successfully running Lucee on your system! banner

Also do you think you could abstract the JRE and Tomcat version numbers / folders out,

that way we can just set JRE_URL and TOMCAT_URL in a separate file?

I’ll pull those other magic strings out next time I poke at it.

And yes, I do need to actually run the built installer still :slight_smile: but I can’t do that here because it’ll trample on things.

I wonder if something as simple as docker run ubuntu:22.04 git clone blahblashblah && ./build.sh might be a good way of testing it. Would save anyone else needing a special Linux VM ?

why not just do it as a github action?

why not just do it as a github action?

I have never done one before. Let me get it tested and tweaked and working here and than at least we’ve got “run this command and then upload the .run file” working, and it can be automated as a follow up step ?

I’ve added this in, as well as a test the built installer at least starts up.

But I don’t think it’s going to be possible to actually do the install in CI/CD because even with giving the current user as --systemuser it wants to run as root.

Maybe someone understands the IB stuff better could find a work around, but for now it’s be good to just have someone else try the build script and installer for me.

that’s easy, github actions have a password less sudo available

The Linux and macOS virtual machines both run using passwordless sudo. When you need to execute commands or install tools that require more privileges than the current user, you can use sudo without needing to provide a password. For more information, see the “Sudo Manual.”

@thefalken can you file a PR with your script and I’ll take it from there?

Happy too : Create a script to build the Linux installer by tomchiverton · Pull Request #5 · lucee/lucee-installer · GitHub

For some reason Git has forgotten my email address for some of the commits and is moaning about the CLA, even though it’s clearly all me. I don’t know what to do to resolve this.


I’m ok with ignoring that, github is confused by those early commits

see comment on PR please

@thefalken I’ve converted the script in to a github action

it’s not starting just yet, but progress

tracking progress in the ticket [LDEV-1120] - Lucee


ok after a lot of swearing, it’s finally green

can people try out the installer build (the artifact is a zip) and when i get feedback, I’ll publish it

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