Fix or Change failing email

I have a need to fix/change emails that are stuck.

One is an apparent typo in the email address, the other is to change the mailserver due to an architecture / timing change.

There are older relevant threads (unanswered) and I’m not posting on a multi-year-old issues but maybe I should?

  • Someone has to have solved this yet I’m unable to find the solution. What’s the fastest way to fix (modify) stuck emails/resend in bulk? Anyone care to share their fix / source?

  • Where are they located?
    From this ticket, I found the location: [LDEV-524] - Lucee

  • What format is expected?
    On a whim, I modified the smtp server address located at the END of the task and re-executed.
    That did it and I’m a little concerned given the non-text format that I don’t have a great programmatic way to take care of the others. Best I can come up with is to find the last mention of the email server, then modify / resend.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Windows
Lucee Version: 5.3.8

you could use a mail listener to modify the email before it’s re-spooled?

Unfortunately I am not seeing a way to update/change the mailserver the task was generated with.