File write permission denied, issues with logon security context

I’m a little bit baffled here.

I moved a site that was running Railo/IIS7.5 on server2008 to Lucee/IIS8.5
on server 2012

Issue1 :
Since the site move, I’m unable to create pdf files with CFdocument.

I get a “this is a read-only resource, can’t write to it” error

the dir I’m trying to write to is c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysite\pdfs (i did try
several other dir’s to write too as well)

Why wouldn’t Lucee running under LocalSystem be able to write to a local
directory (with SYSTEM write perms)

(FYI, the iis apppool for the site has write perms to the specific folder
in case that matters)

Issue 2:

Even though this is not on a network resource but I did try to change the
logon context to an AD user “luceeService” which is how I’ve always dealt
with network resource/localsystem write issues in the past.
(note: I did not run Railo under a different context as I didn’t have the
issue or need to access network resources.)

When I set the “Railo” service (I upgraded to Lucee but the service name
didn’t change) to Logon as user LuceeService and restarted the service (and
after some tries the server), the site loads with a blank page. No errors,
nothing in the logs (iis or tomcat)

I assumed this was perms so I gave LuceeService suer RE/L/R permissions to
the site folder (and after several attempts eventually the entire wwwroot
folder) and RE/L/R permissions to the Lucee program folder

Still nothing.

What am I doing wrong/missing to run Lucee under a different logon context?

I really only need the answer to issue 1 as I don’t have network resources
to access for this server, but I’d still like to know what the solution to
issue 2 is.

Don’t know if this is Lucee or IIS/Server2012 related.


uggh. Ok the first issue was cause by refactoring problem. I replaced a
variable for c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysite with So…wrong
path. Fixed that, solved the problem…

I’m still interested in issue 2 though…