February 2017 Sprint

Announcing Lucee 5.1.2

Sprint Retrospective

Greetings, everyone. Time for our second formal retrospective for 2017. The February sprint is now complete, and it was a whirlwind! First, regarding the timing of this sprint, we finished a few days late. The official completion date is today, although development was really complete by Feb. 27. The remainder of the delay was due to the following factors:

  • Investigation of tickets not completed (two tickets, 128 & 1176), both of which required more effort than originally estimated.
  • Additional testing required, due to a large number of tickets added to the sprint after it began (see below).
  • Increased focus on tickets specifically related to Lucee 5 adoption, which required more sprint planning time, which in turn delayed both completion of the February sprint and the start of the March sprint.

Next, here’s some additional information regarding this last bullet point. Starting in January, the LAS management board, together with the members, and also factoring in community input, started to focus more intensely on Lucee 5 adoption. It’s been very good, but not as good as we want it to be. Thus, we started working with the development team immediately to re-prioritize tickets that were very closely related to upgrading from Lucee 4.5.x to 5.x (i.e., tickets that were blocking upgrades). The result has been a substantially larger development effort focused on those tickets. For the February sprint, we added a whopping 16 tickets, and completed them all. The original sprint started with just 9 tickets, so that gives you some sense of how big the push was.

We’re going to continue with this push for Lucee 5 adoption for at least the next sprint or two. If there is a specific problem preventing you from upgrading to Lucee 5, please let us know.

Here are the summary details for the February sprint:

  • Original sprint plan: 9 tickets
  • Tickets added after start of sprint: 16
  • Tickets not completed: 2
  • Tickets completed: 23
  • Sprint start: Feb. 2
  • Sprint end: March 9 (though development ended on Feb. 27)

The result of the February sprint is the latest stable production release of Lucee: 5.1.2 (, which can be downloaded from the main downloads page.

Tickets included in this release are here:

Next, here’s a link to the March 2017 Sprint, which is now underway, and which will produce Lucee 5.1.3.

Thanks for listening, and thanks as always for your interest in Lucee. We’re working hard to get everyone running on Lucee 5!


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