Feature Request: Java Virtual Machine settings in the Administrator

I think it would be handy to have a “Java” link in the Administrator page. When you click on it, it should show the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings and arguments that Lucee is using.

one of the reasons we don’t do this is it’s common to set secure passwords etc via jvm arguments (or env vars) and thus displaying them in the browser via the admin is obviously problematic

any specific reason(s) you want this?

Thanks, @Zackster. The main reason is convenience.

During debugging I want to be able to examine the JVM arguments. This will be quicker if they’re just one or two clicks away. Furthermore, during performance testing, I want to be able to quickly change JVM arguments - especially xmx and xms - and restart Lucee.

Java is a service for use by any arbitrary application. My view is that Lucee shouldn’t in its design take into account how anyone or any other process uses the JVM. If the person or process decides to expose passwords via the JVM, that is entirely up to them. It shouldn’t be Lucee’s responsibility.

In any case, could it be possible to make the Java page to require a password?

You know it’s far easier and quicker to use the command line to try out different java settings?

Have a look at lucee\tomcat/bin/catalina.(sh/bat)

Lucee runs on java, on top of a servlet engine, like tomcat, jetty, undertow, maybe thru commandbox, each start java in different ways and it’s then it’s also different between operating systems. Managing that stuff isn’t a core concern of Lucee, but security and not possibly exposing passwords is.

if you need a page to see what the java params are set just write your own, start with this

the catalina-*.log files under lucee/tomcat/logs write out the JVM config on each startup

Hi @Zackster,
Thanks for the JVM short-cuts .

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