Extremely slow server startup due to virus scanner

Hi Gang,
I am after a list of files that I need to tell my virus scanner (McAfee) to exclude from scanning, please?
With virus scanning enabled - it takes more than 10 minutes to start the Lucee server.

With virus scanning (real-time) suspended - it is seconds.

OS: WIndows 11
Java Version: 11.0.28
Tomcat Version: 9.0.11
Lucee Version: - express

The whole Lucee-Folder and the WEB-INF-Folder in your project?

McAfee doesn’t let you add folders to the “ignore” list.
You have to do all files individually. Subsequently, I was hoping for specific files.

This link is the one you want…

Hi Terry,
This is only an option in the “corporate” option.
The home version of McAfee has not had the ability to exclude folders for a few years, despite literally hundreds of requests for it.

If you are running Windows 10, the built in “Microsoft” AV actually won awards in in 2019, 2020 and this year as best AV", its free and pretty straight forward in terms of configuration. Trusted Reviews Awards 2021: Microsoft Defender wins Best Antivirus | Trusted Reviews

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Tried on my laptop. Took under 9 secs.
i7-4510U (2 Core HT), older SSD
McAfee SecurityCenter 19.4
Same Lucee Express. AdoptJDK 11.0.13
Windows 10

I also use MS defender only.

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Thanks everyone.
I have swapped to Windows Defender and excluded the whole Lucee directory.
Works like a champ!

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if you are supporting file uploads, i’d consider opting in the temp directory, so any uploads from users still get scanned