Extention is not accessible for add or update on production server


My team is migrating Adobe coldfusion to Lucee server and we deployed the on our production server after that we are not able to add or update the extention and getting this error “Unable to connect to the update server to get the list of Available Extensions. Please check your Internet Connection”. In the extention provider the URL “https://extension.lucee.org” and “https://www.forgebox.io” is giving error while verifying it which is working fine on my local setup.

Do I need to remove the above URLs from the firewall so that it could be accessible or is there any other solution for this

please always state the Lucee version when asking for support

we are using Lucee

@Ram_Narayan Do you get any things in the logs?

what are you asking? of course these urls need to be allowed thru the firewall if you want this to work

does a simple

<cfhttp url="https://extension.lucee.org">


Thank you for the response.

Is there any other URLs as well apart from the “https://extension.lucee.org" and “https://www.forgebox.io” which needs to be allowed through the firewall.

It would be very helpful if someone can provide me the list of URL which needs to be allowed through the firewall when we are migrating from Adobe coldfusion to Lucee server.

https://update.lucee.org this is also to get updates available on lucee

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and https://cdn.lucee.org

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