Extension Documentation (e.g. cfspreadsheet)

If I go to Lucee documentation, and search on cfspreadsheet, it says that tag is not supported. YET there is the Extension, that was installed when I recently installed Lucee.

The Lucee documentation needs to reference the Extension documentation.
The Extension documentation… where is it? (I’ve wasted an hour searching, and I’m about to crack open the “Test” from the Extension download just to try and understand what I can and can’t do with this thing.)

Is there a simple and easy way that “the community” can help add to, and update the Lucee + Extension documentation? Since Lucee + Extension != ColdFusion, we can’t exactly rely upon the Adobe CF documentation.

I haven’t touched CFML code in over 4 years… but it is still way simpler to build and learn and use than anything else not yet deprecated to the trashheap of technology, so I am coming back to it for a project.

there’s an open bug to include more extension metadata for extensions,
i.e. show some more info and links from the extensions pages


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Worth bearing in mind that some functionality that is now in an extension is in the docs because it used to be part of the core, e.g. pdf and caching, or it’s provided by the core Lucee devs. Other extensions, like cfspreadsheet, are provided by the community and may not be well documented.

Since Lucee 5.3, community extensions from Forgebox are now automatically available in the admin, which is presumably why you saw cfspreadsheet (not pre-installed, though, just available for installation).

Forgebox extensions do seem to pull in documentation from Github (or wherever) if provided as part of the box.json, but unfortunately the Lucee admin UI can’t seem to handle Markdown so it looks a bit of a mess. Look at the MariaDB extension I added to see what I mean.

Welcome back to CFML, by the way!

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