Extended tests for extensions with GitHub Actions and Lucee script-runner

I have added an new build option, -DtestAdditional="test dir" to the Lucee 6.0 build process

ant -DtestFilter="zip" -DtestAdditional="C:\work\lucee-extensions\extension-compress\tests"

This allows you to run additional tests, as well as the core Lucee tests

For example with the s3 extension, you can add a /tests folder and the GitHub Action will automatically run any valid tests found with the label="s3" alongside the test in the main Lucee repo

I have also added -DtestExtensions which allows you to run the main Lucee build process with your locally built version of extension(s)

ant -DtestLabels="zip" -DtestExtensions="C:\work\lucee-extensions\extension-compress\dist"

This should make hacking extensions a whole lot easier.