Extend env var LUCEE_EXTENSIONS to support removal, or prevent install

Lucee supports this env var/ sys property for installing extensions


what do people think about supporting something like this, a - or ! prefix, to prevent or uninstall specific extensions?


(you can list multiple extensions, using a ; delimiter)


+1 for !

would that need to be a “,” delimiter? to match the install process?
“;” is used to separate the extension GUID from the version.

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Great call @Zackster,

May I also request that if you specify an extension version for preinstalled items like datasource drivers that those get installed in place of the default ones?

For example, if I add an extension to the system property / environment var with a newer version of the mysql or mssql extension for example, lucee currently ignores it and we are stuck with the old version when the server comes up. I think it would be very helpful if lucee went ahead and upgraded the extension to the specified version in that case.