Example Event gateways when migrating from railo

I migrated my local railo install to lucee using the jar file replacement
method last night and I went looking for the example event Gateways being
demo’d by Gert at #devobjective but I could not find them in my file system.

Do I need to do something to get them generated or is there somewhere I can
download them from?

We’re using a webapp built on Adobe CF that relies heavily on gateways. How can this be achieved in Lucee? Anyone with experience herein or add-ons/plug-ins? This is the only technical issue preventing us from migrating to Lucee.

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Anyone out there have a good suggestion about this? We’re using Apache MQ at the moment and the built in JMS eventgateway of ColdFusion. What matches this solution in Lucee? So this this just “works out-of-the-box” in ColdFusion - is there no comparative functionality in Lucee? Like a default gateway instance available in Lucee when it is installed, like in ACF?