Event Listener Dump?

Is there a way to write a listener that dumps out anything someone posts to it? In other words, if you have no idea what they’re going to send, just a generic cfdump type of answer that tells me what they’ve attempted to send?

Keep in mind I’ve never written any listener in Lucee or CF. Ya, I’m that guy who still does old school tag based cfml - trying to learn! I need the whole shebang for someone who’s super new to this. I also need it to work in ACF 11 or Lucee 5.3.9 (migrating)


Have you used the simple cfml function, gethttlrequestdata() function? Supported in both Lucee and ACF, it returns what was passed to the request, including the body of a post if you add true for its one optional boolean argument (which defaults to false). And you can just cfdump it of course.

Or by asking about a listener, do you mean something more than such simple code that could be placed in a regular cfml template?

Hi Charlie!

Exactly what I was looking for. Not sure I’d ever taken note of that function!



Sweet. Glad to help.

And sure, it can be a challenge finding the “right tool” in the “garage” of cfml, which along with CF and Lucee have a richness of depth that can be frustrating one day but amazing another. Even after 25 years in it, I still learn new things about daily. :slight_smile:

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I really feel like I need to spend a weekend or two - going through the documentation from the start to the end!

As someone that has, previously, just treated Lucee as a a drop-in replacement for ACF - I am constantly finding “new” / different stuff.

Thankfully - I LOVE to learn!