End of Life for Lucee 4.5

"End of Life" for Lucee 4.5 is on the horizon.

But before we “end” it we would make sure all of you can safely update to Lucee 5. So if you are still running Lucee 4.5 or an older version (Railo) let us please know why.

Is there a specific reason, a show stopper?

If so, please point out the jira ticket (issues.lucee.org) here and if there is no ticket please create one.
We will try to address all issues you have with Lucee 5 before we end Lucee 4.5.

p.s. today we published a security update for Lucee 4.5, available on the download page or with the dev and preview update provider in the admin.


I’m guessing for many people / projects / clients it’s a case of, “it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and just not having the time/budget to go thru the whole upgrade testing process.

Nobody has cited any specific show stoppers in any of the recent threads about upgrading to 5, despite it being constantly asked.

Perhaps people who have already gone thru the 4.5 - > 5 upgrade process could also share their stories, what worked, what didn’t work, etc?

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What Zac said.

5 has some performance improvements over 4.5


from Struct access speed

Upgrade from Lucee 4 to 5
I am a long-time Railo/Lucee user. I have a production server running the latest Lucee 4 (Neo w the final update) on a remote Windows server at a hosting facility running 15 or so live sites.

  • Configuration File C:\lucee\lib\lucee-server\context\lucee-server.xml
  • OS Windows Server 2012 R2 (6.3) 64bit
  • Remote IP
  • Host Name
  • Servlet Container Apache Tomcat/8.0.28
  • Java 1.8.0_66 (Oracle Corporation) 64bit
  • Architecture 64bit

Over a year ago I attempted to upgrade to Lucee 5 and I couldn’t get it to work after multiple attempts, but somehow was able to get it running again with Lucee 4.

The provided information for the update seemed so simple that I thought it was a no-brainer (which didn’t turn out to be the case). I would REALLY like to get moved to L5… what are my options?

Thanks, Randy

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “couldn’t get it to work”?

you also should upgrade your java and tomcat versions, that version of java was released way back in 2015

What does “on the horizon” mean ? Days, weeks, months ?

basically, don’t expect any more updates to 4.5 unless there is a major security vulnerability.

Hi Zac,
I followed all of the “steps” in a Lucee post that was supposedly the “way” to update to Lucee 5… These steps in (http://docs.lucee.org/guides/lucee-5/upgrading-lucee-45.html) as I remember, but in the end Lucee 5, would not start. Are there other docs to help with the upgrade?
What versions of java and tomcat should I be looking for? Can/should I update these first so I know they are working with Lucee 4.5?

I’d recommend doing a clean install (i.e uninstall v4 before installing 5). If you use the v5 Windows Installer you will get more recent versions of Tomcat and Java. It’s a good idea to keep Java updated to the latest baseline security version though, which the one that comes with the installer may still be behind.

I agree that would be the “best” way to do it… but, I have multiple sites (15+) with a fairly complicated configurations (extensions etc)… not sure I have that luxury with live sites that customers rely on. The work to recreate all of that seems daunting/overwhelming at this point. CAN it be successfully done as an upgrade, or are there too many things involved/potential problems?
What are the most recent versions for Tomcat and Java used by L5? If I update those first will they “break” L4?

the newer versions of tomcat and java 1.8 should be fine

You could try running Lucee via the batch file from the command line instead of starting it as a service
to see what the startup error is.

Ultimately, have a look into the Lucee/Tomcat logs, they should explain what problem(s) you’re encountering

As Zac has written we will not remove 4.5 downloads, we simply will stop doing any update, even security fixes.
“horizon” depends also on the outcome of this thread, we do not have any special date in mine.

i don’t say the following is the official way to do things, but worth a try.
Update to the oldest stable Lucee 5 version from the download page and then update from that version to the newest one.
With the first Lucee 5 version we did deep testing updating from 4.5. But of course we no longer do with new releases now, in theory it should still work the same way, but you never know.

i’m aware of this, this is the main reason we added the possibility to update in the Lucee/Railo admin in the first place :wink: Make it as easy as possible to update, sadly this is not possible with major updates.

could the download page be updated to reflect the EOL status for 4.5?

as a few people have mentioned in other threads that as it appears on the download page, they see that as indicating it’s still supported

sure, we redo the download page atm, we will prepare this as well.

“we added the possibility to update in the Lucee/Railo admin in the first place :wink: Make it as easy as possible to update, sadly this is not possible with major updates.”

Are you saying you can’t just drop in the updated .jar like I was expecting ?

You can always do an easy manual upgrade of Lucee by stopping the server, dropping in a new lucee.jar. and starting again. Micha was talking about the automatic one-click updates in the Lucee admin that update Lucee on the fly while it’s running but only work for minor upgrades. Lucee is broken into two pieces source-code wise. The loader which never changes between major versions and the core,which changes all the time. The former loads the latter. Swapping out the core is like changing your car’s radio while driving down the road. Changing out the loader is like changing out your car’s tires. :slight_smile: