Enabling debug info for specific IP addresses in "/admin/web/cfm"

Hi Team,
I need to enable the debug info in the application for a specific IP address(Admins of Application). I have performed the below:

  1. Enabled log result at the end of every request from “Debugging - Settings”
  2. Created a template from “Debugging - Templates”. Here in the “IP Range” field i have provided the My IPV4 IP address but i am not able to see the debug info below the requested url.
    PS: If i use “*” in “IP Range” everyone is seeing debug info. Which is not needed. I need to enable to specific IP addresses.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5
Java Version: Open jdk “11.0.7”
Tomcat Version: 9.0.35
Lucee Version:

any cdn / proxy involved?

otherwise, if debugging capture is enabled, you can always just toggle <cfsetting showdebugoutput="true/false"> in your own code

I am hosting application from apache via creating a site. Which is accessible via a custom port 7444. Here mod_proxy is also enabled.
I am able to see the debug info, If i mention “*” in IP Range at hostname:port/lucee/admin/web.cfm -> Debugging - Templates.But i want to enable debug only for few people.
We are going to production on this Friday, Any help is greatly appreciated.

Difficult to say, because depends on your scenario.

  1. What comes to my mind is to make use of cfsetting showdebugoutput attribute on application level (just like @Zac_Spitzer mentioned) . You could do some type of session login, and enable their debugoutput to true in application.cfc. But as far as I know this only omits the debug information, and might be an overkill because all the debug tracing will still occur for the other users, but do debug output generated. But I’m not totally sure.

  2. Another idea would be to create a second virtual host with an alternative domain (e.g. a subdomain) for these users, make some type of basic auth via SSL, and set the web admin for this domains to enable debug.

Maybe others have more suitable solutions for you.

just try 5.3.7 :slight_smile:

if something doesn’t work and you are on an older release, first try the latest release, if it doesn’t try the latest snapshot, my Lucee support mantra

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I am using “”. I cannot switch at this position to 5.3.7.
Question: 5.3.7 is a stable build?
If i setup another virtual host, Can the same code base folder () be used in apache configuration for both the sites. Will it not create any problems?
If so, i can create one and enable debug info in it. And will not publish to user(s). Please confirm.

the latest stable is 5.3.7, you need to test it and confirm

multiple instances can point to the same code base with problems

I have to withdraw that suggestion: If you use the same docbase with two virtual hosts, Lucee will still create one web-context only. Just saw that on quick try on my local dev. Thus, if you change settings for one webcontext, the changes will apply also to the others. I think you’ll need to run another tomcat instance then, or run an server instance with commandbox on another port and connect those users to those ports, but I really can’t tell, it sound to me that suggestion is all too much. If IP filter doesn’t help, I’d go for a payed/sponsored help in your special situation and time pressure.