ehCache Replication Issue/Enabling logging for Lucee extensions

We’re seeing an issue with the ehCache extension (using a manual replication configuration) where very occasionally a node will miss it’s instructions to expire the cache. It seems to be very intermittent but I’m trying to track down the root cause.

I want to enable debug logging so I can try to at least determine what happened when we see an instance where a node has failed to update the cache.I should be able to enable this debugging by setting the log4j/log4j2 net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMICachePeer logger to debug.

I should know this, but how would I set the logging properties so the extension will pick it up?

The docs indicate that you should be able to put a file in the /lib folder of Tomcat.

Does that still hold true?

I assume we’d actually need to use the log4j2.xml now that Lucee is running log4j2.

My feeling is I’m probably running into a race condition in ehCache, similar to what’s described here:

So there might not be a resolution, without changing the distributed caching mechanism.

OS: CentOS
Java Version: Java 11
Tomcat Version: Tomcat 9
Lucee Version: