Echo function

just trying to add an example for the function echo()

am I missing something?

any idea @isapir? I had a look for a test for this function, but i couldn’t find one

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what is your question?

i’d like to add an example for usage of the echo function, as in the trycf example,

specifically an example which demonstrates how it’s different to writeOutput

But it’s not different so far as I know. It’s just an easier-to-type alias.

not quite an alias, just a subset?

Hmm, I forgot about the newish encodeFor parameter. I wonder if that’s just an oversight that it was never added to echo(). I’m not actually sure right off where the source code for echo is. I see in the source code, but not an

Ahh, here it is. Looks like it literally is just an alias for writeoutput, but the fld fails to have the second parameter in there.

I would guess the fld simply needs updated so the echo alias has all the same arguments as the writeoutput definition.