Duplicate emails

Strange one here. I send a newsletter out using cfmail to about 20,000 people. Worked great for years.
In the last week 3 people complained that they are getting duplicate emails and request I only send one to them.
I had one person forward me the duplicate emails. The “To:” had the same correct email address and I checked my database and we only have that email address once. However, the Message IDs in both emails were the same.
I checked the same newsletter issue that I send to 2 of my email addresses and both of mine had different Message Ids from each other and it was different from this person’s (as would be expected).

The question: what could cause the same email to be sent twice? Is it a problem on my end or their end?
Lucee Version
Java: 1.8.0_112
Tomcat 8.5.6
Spool enable is checked

The duplicates were sent / received at the same time? If not what interval?

Same timestamp on the emails

I think the problem is solved… it is probably on the user’s end. One of them set up filters in their email program to copy the email to another folder then they downloaded it from both folders. Probably the others did something similiar.

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