Download links broken

The cloudfront links to download Lucee are broken for me. Access Denied.

From this page:

this link as well as the others:

This oftentimes happens if the installers haven’t been built yet and the file simply doesn’t exist. @Jordan_Michaels @IamSigmund @andrew Can someone confirm?

The latest installers that I’ve built are lucee- If a new version is ready for a build, just say the word!

@Jordan_Michaels It appears it’s time for to be built :slight_smile: I think @IamSigmund was about to follow up with you directly if he hasn’t already!

Yep, Jordan, we’ve got the final release of 5.2.6 to ship, so we’ll be in touch directly about the installer builds.

@IamSigmund Built. :wink:

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Thanks as always, FOL (Friend of Lucee). :smile:

Happy to help!

Same issue with when attempting the lco file