Downgrade Lucee to version earlier than download


I am in the process of migrating a bunch of sites to a new Lucee server. I installed the latest version on the machine, but I am having a lot of performance issues. Somehow, connections to the database get stuck after a while, which stucks the originating thread, which eventually hangs the server. I have to restart at least once a day

There are quite a lot of threads on this issue.

How do I downgrade to an earlier version of Lucee (prior to the one I installed, so it isn’t in the list yet)?
I tried downloading the Core file and put it in the patches folder, but it doesn’t appear in the list.

I am running version
I would like to go back to

Any help would be appreciated.



Oke, I downloaded the Jar, put it in the lib-directory and was able to downgrade via the server administrator. However, after a restart most threads didn’t finish, so it didn’t work well. I reverted back to the installed version.

Maybe other files need to be downgraded too. Any ideas?


You could also try upgrading to 5.2.5 which is currently in RC, but which we and others have found to be very stable.

You should be able to do that via the admin, or just download the .lco file, put it (and nothing else) in your /lucee-server/patches directory and restart.

Yes, I tried that now. All is running normal now and better than it was, but the jdbc thread lock problem is still there occasionally.

We’re not experiencing any jdbc issues with, but that might be because of the specific extensions we use: mostly MySQL 5.1.38 (not 6.x which is unstable) with one app needing an MSSQL datasource connected using the JTDS extension v.1.3.1.