Does function SpreadSheetNew() work in Lucee?


Hi, friends. Does function SpreadSheetNew() work in Lucee The Lucee Docs mention SpreadSheetNew(), but I am getting an error in my application when I moved it to Lucee – see error, below. This code works in ACF. Is there a better way, in Lucee, to create XLSX spreadsheets?

Thank you for any advice or ideas.


Lucee Error (expression)
Message No matching function [SPREADSHEETNEW] found
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
/home/nnvawi/public_html/admin/downloadMemberData.cfm: line 36

35: <!--- Create Spreadsheet object for NNVAWIMemberData --->
36: <cfset xlssMembers = SpreadSheetNew("NNVAWIMemberData",true) >
37: <cfset SpreadsheetAddRow(xlssMembers,"UserID,
38: Title,

There appears to have been an oversight in the documentation. You can see in the Unsupported Tags & Functions that the spreadsheet functions (including the one you used afterward SpreadsheetAddRow) are in the list, but spreadSheetNew appears to be missing from the list for some reason and instead appears in the normal documentation along with two other spreadsheet functions.

You can add an extension such as cfspreadsheet-lucee-5 or a library such as lucee-spreadsheet to add this functionality to Lucee.

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Thank you! This is very helpful.I can work with either of the workarounds you mentioned.

Do you happen to know if there is a plan to add the SpreadSheetNew() function to Lucee?


Have you checked out this tool?


I am not aware of any plans to add it to the Lucee core, and at this point I would say it’s very unlikely. Not just because there are already good solutions, but mostly because it seems that the philosophy is to delegate specialized functionality like this to extensions to make the core more lightweight (see this thread). It would be nice to see it eventually get a more official solution that is listed with the other Lucee extensions since this is part of core ACF.

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This is one awesome library (lucee-spreadsheet)! Use it daily in a webapp servicing 1000 customers with 1 million hits a month. Heavy spreadsheet usage. Thanx 2 Julian.

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