Does cfcache delete the expired *.cache files?

Just a simple question. Say, I have

...stuff here...
<cfcache action="content" timespan="#createTimeSpan(0,6,0,0)#" directory="/cache" key="frontpage-news-section-english">
 stuff here
..stuff here..

Once the portion expires (i.e. the timespan reaches its max), does Lucee ever delete those files? Or do we have to create a manual method for cleaning up them?

I’m having a similar problem. See my other post. The *.cache files are not being deleted and Windows 2016 Data Center Edition IIS 10 is reporting that it cannot delete the files. I have not investigated further as I found this issue as I was finishing up yesterday. I am going to look into it this morning.

I logged in as Administrator and was able to delete them. I still received the “Are you sure” UAC prompt when I manually delete them, but I can delete them.

I’m a Lucee Noob btw. I did my first production install yesterday.

I’m not at work, so I don’t have details. I can provide them later if that will help.

What OS are you running?

I’ve checked in this. In my point of view, lucee never deletes any file, it’s reinitialize the file after reaching the maximum timeout.

From windows, We can manually delete the files.

actually if you don’t specify a cache directory, it defaults to the cache dir under the context’s WEB-INF inf which does get purged

with the latest snapshot, you’ll see in application.log every now and then

“WARN”,“Thread-7689”,“07/12/2019”,“13:54:45”,“lucee.runtime.engine.Controler”,“check size of directory [C:\lucee\web-contexts\root\cache]”
“WARN”,“Thread-7689”,“07/12/2019”,“13:54:45”,“lucee.runtime.engine.Controler”,"- current size [0]"
“WARN”,“Thread-7689”,“07/12/2019”,“13:54:45”,“lucee.runtime.engine.Controler”,"- max size [104857600]"

same happens for the default temp dir

“WARN”,“Thread-7689”,“07/12/2019”,“13:54:45”,“lucee.runtime.engine.Controler”,“check size of directory [C:\lucee\web-contexts\root\temp]”
“WARN”,“Thread-7689”,“07/12/2019”,“13:54:45”,“lucee.runtime.engine.Controler”,"- current size [3022545]"
“WARN”,“Thread-7689”,“07/12/2019”,“13:54:45”,“lucee.runtime.engine.Controler”,"- max size [1073741824]"

All good and nice for default directory, but as we generate tons of cache files (millions to be exact), it would be nice for Lucee somehow to delete the old ones, in user-specified directories too.

For us, this is no longer an issue, created a script to delete those files if they are older than 7 days, across all our cache folders.

But IMHO, this should be at least notified in the cfcache’s documentation.