Documentation Examples

Hey there,

How do I go about adding examples to the Lucee documentation?
Is it just create PRs?

Is there a standard you want me to follow?


easiest way is to checkout the lucee docs repo and run the local interactive editor

once you have your changes ready, file a PR

When attempting to clone the repo onto my Windows notebook, I get the following;

warning: the following paths have collided (e.g. case-sensitive paths
on a case-insensitive filesystem) and only one from the same
colliding group is in the working tree:


Any chance of getting these “near” duplicates, named better?

On the github page for the docs is the following;

Which states the instructions for printing / signing the agreement and snail-mailing it in… All fine - but there is no document, or link for it.


When you file your first PR against docs, github will prompt you with the links, feel free to update that page!

I haven’t seen that error about those filenames, even tho I’m on windows too, looking now

ok, found the problem, @cfmitrah can you clean one up? function names are always in lower case in docs

@Zackster I cleaned up the duplicate directory Delete docs/03.reference/01.functions/clearTimeZone directory by cfmitrah · Pull Request #1255 · lucee/lucee-docs · GitHub

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thanks mate, merged


@Zackster Just to note: Some PRs haven’t been published to the lately due to a fail in “Publish to S3”. See:

Hi everyone,
Can I just “ping” this message in the thread, please?

I am trying to get started on the docs, via the instructions for using the commandBox install of the docs / editor.

Using the Build Dash (or Build All) link / process fails.
I have logged an issue;

I think the CLA signing is now integrated into githubs workflow. That means, all is done automatically by github. I did that some time ago, can’t remember it very well, but I’m pretty sure that happens when you submit a PR to a Lucee project within Github: you’ll be asked for signing the CLA electronically through an assistant within github.


that’s [LD-123] - Lucee, try with java 8, it’s part of the old dash docs stuff, which i don’t think anyone uses anymore, I’ve contemplating getting rid of it for years?

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Thanks - I didn’t even check to see if there was a ticket for it already - sorry - I’ll do better…

Is there a use-case / need for DASH documentation creation of Lucee’s docs?
If there isn’t and since we haven’t had the ability to build DASH documentation for almost 3 years…
Will you (generic, you) accept a PR, stripping it from the lucee-docs repo?


Fire away! It also will cut the build time in half

Keep playing with the docs fork locally. You’ll get quickly into it. If you edit the source locally by clicking the “edit” icon, it will open the markdown source in a text editor inside the browser. I personally prefere not to use that for editing, because editing markdown in VSCode is way better: VSCode has good markdown linters and tools that will tell you some markdown errors immediately, which are very likely to make the building fail on githubs build after PRing it. After saving the markdown in your vscode, just reload the page into that browsers text editor and resave it. That will create the file for wysiwyg viewing.


the CLA agreement url is CLA assistant

I have updated the docs too