Docs now show introduced versions for arguments and attributes

I’ve updated Lucee docs (web and local for 5.3.10) to show introduced version for arguments and attributes (if specified) [LD-151] - Lucee

i.e. IsCustomFunction() :: Lucee Documentation

Unfortunately we haven’t been adding this info enough, if people want to dive and help, that would be awesome!

For example, would be great to file PRs for Lucee core and Extensions adding this meta data

an example for attributes [LDEV-3818] - Lucee

To add it for a tag for functions, it’s done like this

The s3 v2 extension for example has a few new functions (i.e. S3GeneratePresignedURL ) which could do with this being useful information being added

Which version/ branch you ask?

ok so for extensions, PR against the latest version.

If it’s something newly added in 6.0 file PRs against the 6.0 branch, however, for older stuff which was added before 6.0, please file PR and the 5.3 branch and it will be subsequently merged into 6.0

The best way to do this is to checkout a local copy and then use insight into code from gitlens and maybe github desktop to browse thru the commit history


Great work Zack, as always! :sunny::smile:

cheers mate!

Just went back thru a few years of commits

this paves the way to publish docs from 6.0 soon, next round tags!

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ok tags done too