Docker Hub Images Don't Have the Latest Releases (and where is the Lucee group?)

Hey all! I’ve asked this a couple of times in the CFML slack but it seems like this hasn’t got in front of the right people yet. How do we get the latest releases available on Docker Hub?

The Lucee Downloads page ( lists Release (Mar 18, 2024) and Release (Mar 18, 2024), but neither is available on Docker Hub. There are snapshots, but not the latest releases (Docker).

We’d love to update to the latest release. Who needs to kick those builds off to Docker Hub? Thanks!

PS - In general, it seems like Zac has pulled back or maybe moved onto different things and it has created a bit of a void in the Lucee community. He was really good at communicating and providing updates and now it’s been a bit tough the last 6 months or more. Everything alright?

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There’s a bit of an update here:

The short version is, I can build some new Lucee 6.x images but end users will need to deal with upgrading their Lucee config files for now.

Is there a specific build / version number you are after?

Thanks a ton for the response! That thread is helpful for sure. Is it possible to get the latest 5.4.5 nginx release? We are currently on lucee: and want to get to the latest v5 available. The downloads page lists as the latest I think?

Can you also clarify why there are snapshots available after the release? For example, it seems like there should be a release (that’s the one we are missing, it seems) but there are through snapshot images available. Is that weird? Should those be on a new 5.4.6.x branch?

As far as 6.x images, I think it is totally reasonable to require changes by end users when moving between major versions.

Thanks! Please keep us posted.

The release build for is now in Docker Hub. The “release” build should be the same as the SNAPSHOT build, but the snapshot builds are all completely automated whereas any release, RC or beta I have to trigger manually and I’m not notified of when those are done, so I either need to notice myself or have someone give me a kick :sweat_smile: Thanks for the kick!

I don’t know the exact answer to this. I assume they are bug fixes which will go into the next release, because usually for a given release like 5.4.6.x there is only one actual “release” version (that rule I think gets broken when there are significant regressions and so that patch version gets re-released, for example as happened with 5.3.9.x). So I’d assume any bug fixes in 5.4.6.x that are in snapshots later than the release would actually appear in the 5.4.7.x release.

The release build for is now in Docker Hub too. As I mentioned you’ll need to put in place the new Lucee JSON config yourself if you’re upgrading from < 6.x, I do intend to better document and test the challenges here but won’t have the time this week.


Thanks a ton, Justin!

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I’ve been curious about this also!

Why not make one yourself and publish it to DockerHub? You can!