Docker builds, dropping java 8 and other proposals

Actually from my screenshot in the previous post I’ve misread it, those are all Java 21 JDK images (jdk21-openjdk) which we can’t use :man_facepalming: so our original issue still stands.

I’ve trawled through the tags on the Docker Hub page and the main readme seems to be correct…

  • Debian is only used for for JDK21 images
  • Ubuntu (Jammy and Focal) are used for the JRE11 images
  • Ubuntu (Jammy and Focal) and Amazon Linux w/ Corretto are used for the JDK11 images

There’s a GitHub issue that says the OpenJDK base images for Java versions <=17 are no longer available for them to use, which is a little strange considering Java 11 is LTS, but that’s the current state of things

Short version; we will have to use the Ubuntu images for the foreseeable future. I’m going to provide both versions as a choice, along with JRE and JDK for the best flexibility (size vs features).

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