Do you know CRM or ERP for CFML

Hello My friends

This is a vague question.

Do you know CRM or ERP for CFML
Please let me know if you know.

Built by Pixl8 using their Preside Platform


Hi, Very rare to see a CFML advocate in Japan! Globe3 ERP runs on CFML. Chat me up so we can discuss more. :slight_smile:

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thanks pat.moody.
It is so good.
It might be close to what I was looking for.

I will try.

thanks vincentpcy
And sorry.
I had a bad cold and could not answer.
Globe3 ERP Is it open source? It looks different…
Can it be customized by myself?

Hi Inoshin,

It used to be running on Coldfusion server. And for customers in favour of open source, we port it to Railo. As Railo was defunct some time ago, now we move the platform to run it on Lucee.

It can be customized further by developers. We have in house engineers to develop it further. Are you looking for an ERP?



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