Display on demand for 5.3 modern debugging template?

The new debugging in 5.3 is loaded via ajax and takes a while to load. It’s also
injecting 1.5mb of javascript etc into the page and loading 5 roboto webfonts

What do people think about a load on demand option which injects just a minimal script
which can then load all the debugging if required via a click?


We probably should reconsider the web fonts, I don’t think they should be necessary.

As for the 1.5mb of JS, is that just the data that is embedded in the HTML output as JSON? In that case it’s probably expected/required, unless you had a whole debugging backend to talk to.

Or, is it 1.5mb of scripts being loaded? That would seem extreme :slight_smile:

all the scripts are loaded as inline javascript, which is also a problem as these scripts may conflict with existing javascript on the page, i.e. jquery, typeahead etc…

the 1.5mb is just the inline javascript bundle, 52k lines when prettified in dev tools which runs like a dog with all that content when inspecting the page.

there’s also a 444k readDebug.cfm request which is good old server side rending with cfml without gzip.

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Definitely a case for making improvements to this then, that’s a heavy payload of inline JS! :open_mouth:

Hi @Zackster,

I changed that JS loading from the file instead of inline. Hope that it will come up upcoming release.