Discussion of May 2019 Sprint - Lucee 5.3.3-RC

Hi all. I’m opening a new topic to organize discussion of tickets for the May sprint, which will produce Lucee 5.3.3-RC (at the beginning of June). Please post comments here re: tickets you’d like to see in the May sprint, along with any related discussion. Thanks! @Zackster

here’s the jira link for the May Sprint


Same site cookies has 11 votes and would be great to help further lock down the admins

it would be good to merge this too

I would follow that up with a patch to fix the modern debug headers in admin, white clickable headers on light gray is hard to read

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This bug with XMLParse is pretty nasty, after it crashes, you can’t even log into the admin
https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/EHIB-17 (can somebody with JIRA admin rights move it from EHIB to LDEV?)