Details for Bug LDEV-4555 as requested by Zac Spitzer

Hi Zac,

Attached you’ll find a screenshot of the error.

I did update my internal development system to Lucee and did make the automated switch to a single administrator. The code works fine without any issues. I was a bit concerned because I use an SQLite jdbc datasource (from what I understand JDBC is going to be deprecated). The datasource verifies without issues, but if I want to edit the datasource I’ll get the attached screenshot from Lucee.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards


error_datasource_edit_lucee_6_0_0_519_rc.pdf (36.0 KB)

thanks for the info, jdbc is definately not going to be deprecated

I have already updated that text in the admin for 6, but I’ll need to update that for 5.4

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