Deprecation of S3 storage access... June 2019

According to this

Version 2 of the signature is gone now and will cause problems with any S3 buckets created after June 24 2019 - These will not work…

I can’t find if Lucee has been updated such that the S3 connection conforms to Coldfusion 2018 Update2…

Can anybody throw any light on this please…

Lucee uses the Jets3t library, it hasn’t been updated in a while.
There’s an open issue about this

Lucee is using a slightly older version, 0.9.4 (latest is 0.9.6)

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@IamSigmund this means you can’t even use Lucee with a new s3 bucket created today

AWS instead will only end support for Signature Version 2 on new buckets created on or after June 24, 2019.


I was just getting ready to implement S3 storage - is support going to be updated?

I really wanted Google Cloud Storage (I’m running App Engine Flexible) but there is no way of using this without an in depth knowledge of Java which I don’t really want. S3 would have sufficed.

I’m going to use the MySQL database for the files as I don’t have too many files and don’t need to scale…

" There is exactly one - and only one - reason to avoid storing image (or other BLOB) data in a database: It tends to perform poorly at scale." Quora

There are other libraries you can use to interact with S3 such as

The Lucee S3 support only affects using Lucee’s inbuilt S3 access.

Looking on the release notes for Jets3t (, it looks like Amazon signature version 4 was added in version 0.9.3.

I have not tested this, but theory it should work??? Somebody that uses S3 could confirm or deny that.

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The Info bundle shows the org.lucee.jets3t but it is showing as not loaded…

What is the best way to load this?

We’ve use the s3sdk on Forgebox (and added support for DigitalOcean Spaces) and it is very nice.

While it’s great for Lucee and ACF to include stuff like this, isn’t this the same problem we had with YUI and all the other instances where wee’re dependent upon the vendor to update some library or the other? Sure, it’s faster to use a java library than one written in CFML but for S3 operations, that’s unlikely to make a difference.

This library saved my bacon more than once. I was able to modify it easily to deal with the govCloud version of s3. I feel like it performed even better than the embedded Lucee or Adobe libraries. Signature v4 is definitely supported.

Thanks - I’ll check it out!..

Lucee loads Bundles on the fly when used.

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bug filed for signature v4 support

Is this issue still in play?

This would effect docs

Would be great to see a few extensions to create cf mappings in lucee in v7:

There are java kits for all of these (and many more):

Extended List:

  • iCloud
  • Mega
  • Box
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