Deploy lucee war to weblogic

We’ve had an application dumped on us that was written in ColdFusion with a SQLServer database on the backend, and our customer wants us to make it work on our servers. We did not want to run a separate ColdFusion server and we were not going to load a SQLServer database because we already have an Oracle database. We found the option to run ColdFusion as a deployment on our weblogic server. We ran the ColdFusion installation and requested the WAR installation type. We did have to explode the WAR file in order to deploy it on weblogic. We converted the SQLServer structures into a schema in our Oracle database. We were able to deploy ColdFusion to weblogic, and route our user traffic through our Oracle HTTP server via the weblogic plug-in. The application now runs. While we are happy we were able to figure out how to do this, we are not happy with Adobe’s license cost. We’d like to try the same thing with Lucee but so far we haven’t had much luck.

We first tried downloading the lucee WAR and deploying it. That gave us an osgi framework error. We have created an osgi instance on the weblogic server but we aren’t sure how to tell lucee that the framework is available. Oracle says we need to put some entries in the weblogic.xml. Understandable but the lucee war doesn’t have a weblogic.xml. Also understandable and we could just make one in the WEB-INF folder but we aren’t sure everything that should go into it. The ColdFusion installation created a WAR file that seemed to have everything in it that we needed to deploy it. We’ve read the blog about deploying to AWS elastic beanstalk but that is not our environment and it also seems to use tomcat and we don’t want to do that. We are still trying to use that blog to figure out how we can do the same thing on weblogic but we wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on ways to do this. We assumed we’d have to find a way to build a WAR file that would be similar to what ColdFusion provided via their installation but we really aren’t sure what needs to go into it.