Deploy Archive in Lucee


I had been trying to generate the archive for the codebase, without the source code cfm, CFML, cfcs, through Lucee Admin > Archives & Resources - Mappings (following this documentation We are having Lucee running with Apache as web server. When the “assign archive to mapping”, is clicked, the request times out after few minutes, as the apache server times out. However the request was still running in tomcat. The archive file generated was massively huge and it was 63 GB. The request ran for about an hour. The code base is around 100 Megabytes. I am trying to achieve deployment by .lar than the source code deployment. Can someone please assist me in figuring out, what I’m doing wrong and also point me in right direction. Thanks in advance.


The WEB-INF folder present in the document root, resulted in the inflated archive file.