Default target distro for Lucee Linux Installs?

I’m currently preparing the installers for 5.3.8

I know a lot of people use Docker or Commandbox, but I have a question about which distro paths (apache etc) the Lucee installer should default too? It currently use defaults to Redhat

What should the default distro be?
  • Ubuntu
  • Redhat
  • Other

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I know it would be nice to support installing via apt-get etc, but someone who knows all that stuff would need to put their hand up and take responsibility for that.

I’m now responsible for building the current installers now, so we will have them available as soon as we release 5.3.8-STABLE

There are some test installers available here for here (Java 11, Tomcat 9.0.46)

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I would target Debian over Ubuntu, and here is why:

Debian Linux is base for Ubuntu and over a dozen other distros
Ubuntu is priority and works on the testing ring of Debian with their own code added.

Anything you install for Debian will install on Ubuntu.

As for RHEL, keep it. Sooner or later the dust will settle with the whole RHEL / CENTOS community settling on the next CENTOS


Targeting Redhat covers Amazon Linux as well, so everyone using Amazon Linux EC2 instances.

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Auto detection and setting defaults would be good then?

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Yes @Zackster. The installer now is great, it doesnt take that much knowledge to install as compared to ACF on *NIX

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Updated installer for Linux available, same drive link