Default attributes for more tags

I think it would be handy for Lucee Admin to have the ability to store username and password, plus other attributes, for other tags in the same why as cfquery and cfmail does.

Other tags:

  • cfhttp
  • cfftp
  • cfimap
  • cfldap
  • cfpop

It would also be good to be able to store username and passwords, plus other attributes for other things such as web services.

Maybe this can be set up as a CFC and distribute tag based versions, and then people can create their own.

you can store this already in the application.cfc


How would you deal with encrypting passwords?

How would you deal with multiple http connections?

multiple 'anything including connections could be set using the datasource= naming conventions, pehaps using source=

as for encrypting passwords, this could be done via a secret key that is presented to the server along with username and password, or standard encryption using inbuilt encryption (not recommended.)

is encrypted password supported now for this method?


cfquery has a datasource attribute that enables multiple to be defined

this.datasources["myDataSource1"] = {}

Can, for example, multiple cfhttp connections be defined like this?