Debugging Info showing as plain text

Hi All,

I’m trying to get some debugging info when I call a CFC that returns some JSON code.

Rather than displaying the normal, formatted debugging text, the debug code is being rendered in plain text like the JSON text.

without debugging enabled:


with debugging enabled: (only shows top chunk of text)

<style type="text/css">

I assume it’s just a matter of the result being rendered by the server in plain text, and since the debugging is bundled into that, it’s converted to plain text as well. Any way around this?

if you want the html debugging to render as html, you will need to override the content type to be text/html rather than application/json

Currently, debugging renders properly with .cfm files according to how I have things configured in admin. (at least… I think so).

In trying to change how debugging is rendered with a cfc, I first attempted to change the returnformat in the specific function I was calling. returnformat=“text/html”

With this I’m getting a ‘new to me’ error page. I’ve recently migrated from OpenBD so I apologize if this is a simple thing.

My hope was to get the json info returned as normal but have the traditional debugging info included as well. It’s kind of a pain looking at the log in the admin page.