Debug line by line

I am looking for a tool that does this with lucee. I have no problem either in the eclipse IDE, coldbuilder or any other tool.

I need to know how to set up.

Line debugging isn’t currently supported by Lucee, it’s been discussed

Isn’t this what FusionDebug ( does? I’ve never used it, but I believe it is, but looking at the site, I’m not sure if it is supported any more… Maybe they moved the functionality into FusionReactor as I know that has some “real time” debugging tools in it now.

In Coldbuilder, coldfusion projects i can do debugging line by line quietly, but when the projects are lucee, i can’t, i tried to configure coldbuilder to get tomcat web service, but i was not successful.

Note: I use Free Coldbuilder without the paid tools.

I had read, thanks @Zackster

Can’t get tomcat service? This is so important to us, it’s much simpler to fix bugs.

I will follow the discussions then!

agreed, it’s sorely missed


Yes, you can debug CFML in Lucee or CF, using either FusionDebug or FusionReactor.

FusionDebug works with Eclipse or CFBuilder (and does not require RDS like the CFB debugger did). And no, it doesn’t get much attention because many folks don’t care to work in Ecliipse or CFB as their IDE.

FusionReactor added line debugging support a couple of years ago, in its Ultimate edition. That works entirely in the browser, no IDE involved at all. I have a 20-min video on it here:

You can learn more about each at their respective sites, and

There are still more (briefer) videos on the FR debugger here:


+1 to using FusionReactor’s Production debugger. It’s web based, not an IDE integration but works pretty good. It supports variable watching, step debugging, etc and can step through java libs as well as your CFML code so long as you set it up correctly with your source.

Very cool, is there unpaid version? Open version?

Not free, no. But two options.

First there is a 14-day free trial, then it’s $79/month for the FR Ultimate editon that adds the debugger among other great features. (Only $39/mo for FR Standard.)

Second there is also an FR Developer license, which includes all Ultimate functionality, for only $99/year (obviously not to be used in production).

I’ve tried which works fairly well with my projects. There are a few bugs though, it was launched earlier this year, so I think some issues still need to get worked out. Their website has a brief overview video to show off some of the features.

It’s only $5 a month after a 3 month trial.

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oh that’s interesting! shame there’s no documentation I can find…

for those who want to try it out, the jnlp.cfm file you can download from that site is a java web start file, run it with javaws jnlp.cfm

How do you set it up? The website just downloads a cfm file

here you go :slight_smile:

You need to run it via java with command line javaws jnlp.cfm like Zac as mention earlier