Datasource file in Lucee

Can we access and modify manually the file containing all datasource declaration ?
If yes, where it is and what is the file name ?
Thanks, Pierre.

Linux debian 10
apache 2.4
Ucanaccess 5 (driver Lucee-Access mdb through JDBC)

It’s the <data-sources> block which is generally located here:


Or use grep to find one of your datasource names in your Lucee install path.

But it can be tricky with so many parameters, the variety of drivers, and passwords being encrypted.

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Thank you, I found the file and the block.
Do you think it is possible to update that file to setup datasources
and replace the file, and restart Lucee ?

Yes but as always, back it up before editing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, yes with a backup before.