Datasource connection released twice!

We get scores of messages of the following type in application.log throughout the day:

"INFO","XNIO-1 task-6","12/13/2022","09:51:56","lucee.runtime.db.DCStack","a datasource connection was released twice!"

What does it mean? Is it something to be fixed?
I cannot find any information on it on the web.

@BK_BK Please always mentioned in your lucee version

Naturally, @cfmitrah .
We’re on Lucee-5-3-9-163-SNAPSHOT.

It comes from here Lucee/ at 0354a72159e917d767a1e4afec392cf8503a4ad3 · lucee/Lucee · GitHub

Thanks. Is there a way to avoid that? That is, is there a way to prevent datasources from being released twice?

@BK_BK Under what scenario did you receive this log? Also, Could you please provide steps on how to replicate this?