Custom Tag location

Hi, I am very new to Lucee and my question may sound a bit naive.

In our application custom tags are being used and recently one of the environments was updated and custom tag ( <cfx_encryption mode=“test” varname = “myVar” text=#myText# password="#key#"/>) stopped working with the following exception :
lucee.runtime.exp.NativeException: there is no Custom Tag (CFX) with name [encryption], available Custom Tags are [helloworld]

It seems like CustomTag definition was not redeployed after an update.

I checked Lucee documentation and there are 3 places to locate the Custom Tags :

  1. in CFC file in the same directory where CFMs are
  2. in the location defined in Application.cfc
  3. in the (lucee-server)/library/tag or (lucee-web)/library/tag

I looked up the environment where our custom Tag is working correctly and I couldn’t find a definition of this tag anywhere.

Where should I look to find a definition of the Custom Tag?

Thank you in advance.

It looks like you’re using a cfx tag.

 <cfx_encryption mode=“test” varname = “myVar” text=#myText# password="#key#"/>

Those aren’t really supported very well and there’s a good chance you upgraded Lucee to a version that dropped support entirely. I’m not too familiar with how Lucee used to support cfx tags, but I don’t think it follows the same rules as the normal .cfm based custom tags that you were looking at the documentation for.

See if this page still exists in your administrator:
it could also just be a case of config getting lost.

Thanks a lot for a prompt response. I checked the “resources.cfs_tags” page and the only “cfx” tag defined was “<cfx_helloworld>” that absolutely makes sense given the error message I received. If it’s still there that means to me that CFX tags are being supported by this version of Lucee ( ). The only thing left is to find the location of the classes that implement the tags. Thank you!

CPP CFX was removed in

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What version of Lucee are you using? - I added definitions of the tags to the Server Context in Lucee Admin and fixed a problem. Thank you for your help.