Custom ExtensionProvider

I am trying to add a custom Extension Provider in the Lucee server admin. A simple site with ExtensionProvider.cfc with proper getInfo() and listApplications() methods that when called via URL like so work:

But when I try to verify the provide in the admin I get this error:
The key [STATUS_CODE] does not exist, only the following keys are available: [ERROR, EXCEPTION, LASTMODIFIED, PROVIDER].

Did an implementation change somewhere? (last time I successfully did this was Lucee 4)

is that coming from the admin or the provider?

to debug admin code, checkout the 5.4 branch and create a mapping /lucee/admin5 pointing to the folder with the admin code

got a stack trace?

It’s coming from the Admin when I try to “verify” the added provider… so there is no stack trace:

you can always just drop your .lex in the deploy folder

what does curl show?

or http url=...; dump(cfhttp);

Yes I can, but I am trying to automate an extension install into Commandbox dev environments, similar to how we do with other extensions using env variables. However, this extension has commercial products, so cannot put onto Forgebox. If I can host it myself, and have the provider added via cfconfig then I should be able to have it installed via an env variable.

The curl gives the correct response from getInfo(). Hacking on the Admin, it seems that it is looking for the info here (lin 473 of ext.functions.cfm):

(where provider is the URL string)

So did Lucee change the endpoints required or am I going down the wrong rabbit hole or??

ahh, you need to follow the exact url pattern that lucee is already using for other providers

bump your application.log level up to trace and you’ll see the exact urls that lucee is hitting in the logs

Right, so it seems to have changed and doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere? I’ll try bumping the log and trying to deduce the correct pattern…

feel free to update, we’re all in this together!

it’s all open source so easy to double check what’s expected

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Will do. Bumping log level didn’t reveal anything, so I’m back to clawing through Admin code for clues…

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Welcome to my life!

Sing out with any Q’s

Hang on, you’ve seen this repo I hope?