createDynamicProxy example error


I am trying to get a basic example of createDynamicProxy working. I am using the example out of the CF10 docs to see if this works:

I have packed up this example in the attached zip with the source and compiled class files.

It results in this error that the constructor method cannot be found, which I think is due to the class being of an invalid type (it should be an implementation of MyInterface)?

An original Railo ticket on this by Micha seems to have a kind of working example, although it is a different test case:

Any thoughts?

Here is the error returned:



Any thoughts on this? The test case in:

Seems to work based on implementing the java List interface, but I can’t get an example to work based on an interface I created from the example.

Tried the mentioned testcase, and it doesn’t seem to work. I get:

lucee.runtime.exp.NativeException: class java.util.List is invalid or doesn't exist
 	at lucee.commons.lang.PhysicalClassLoader.findClass(
 	at lucee.commons.lang.PhysicalClassLoader.loadClass(
 	at lucee.commons.lang.PhysicalClassLoader.loadClass(