Could a too small value for the maxConnection setting in the RedisCache extension result in slow requests?


We’re running a Lucee instance in production. The load is currently at most tens of simultaneous requests.

One particular function in a CFC takes too long to complete. The function includes calls to

entityLoad (with cacheable set to true)

From what I can see, the following are involved in the slow-down:

  • Method)
  • ortus.extension.cache.redis.RedisCache.getCacheEntry()

Each often occurs many times during a request to the function, on occasion as many as 10 times per request.

I therefore wondered whether the root-cause is our setting, “maxConnections”: “50”. Might this be too low? If so, how do we get a benchmark value for maxConnections?
If you think the root-cause is something else, please let us know.

We’re on:
Lucee (running on CommandBox);
Hibernate extension version;
Ortus RedisCache extension 2.0.0+6428

The cache concerned is configured as follows:

"methodinformation": {
            "class": "ortus.extension.cache.redis.RedisCache",
            "custom": {
                "database": "11",
                "host": "",
                "idleConnections": "5",
                "keyprefix": "methodinformation",
                "maxConnections": "50",
                "password": "",
                "port": "6379",
                "timeout": "2000",
                "useSSL": "false"
            "storage": "false"