Couchbase upgrade

Hi guys,
I upgraded Couchbase version from 4.6 to 7.2. For connecting to the Couchbase and using the REST API for the old version was used: couchbase-client jar

couchbaseFactoryBuilder = getJavaLoader().create("com.couchbase.client.CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder").init();
couchbaseConnectionFactory = couchbaseFactoryBuilder.buildCouchbaseConnection( URIs, bucket, username, password );
. . . 

The connectivity works, but getting ParseException because the response from the endpoint has been changed: Viewing Cluster Details | Couchbase Docs

Based on my research there is no new version of this library. I checked ‘java-client’, but looks like there are many differences.

Would you recommend me how I can use the REST API in order to connect, write and read from couchbase? ( if possible with min code changes).

Java Version : 11.0.20 (Red Hat, Inc.) 64bit
Tomcat Version : 9.0.80
Lucee Version :