Convert_to_null Datasource

When updating a data source I need to change the page code from Convert_to_null to converttonull for the update to work. To do this I go into the browser debug and change the element. Is there a way to fix this permanently? Could you point me to the lucee code file this is located in so I can fix it?


OS = Linux

System Information

|Version Name|Gelert|
|Release date|May 18, 2020||

Please file a bug and a PR request against the
following file, include the bug number in the PR title.

Is this a just a bug, or will it cause backwards compatibility issues?

Can you include a link to the relevant mysql documentation about this change

but the latest Lucee mysql driver already should support both?

this change was made in 8.0.13 and latest lucee driver is 8.0.19

I don’t think it even gets to mysql. I bet it is comparing the input name to some error checking field name. it errors off right away.

can you post the actual error?