Connect from ubuntu lucee to windows active directory via CFLDAP

I have a straight forward and simple code to connect to active directory.

 START="o=T-Systems International GmbH,c=de">
 <cfdump var="#results#">

This code works fine when I run it on windows server with installed coldfusion on it, but when i run it on lucee which is installed on ubuntu 14 it keeps displaying error message:

invalid attribute description

Is it a problem with OS compatibility or maybe i am missing something in the function parameters. This active directory server is open, and I am just assuming that it runs on Windows

Okay so it has been awhile now since i solved this, and i figured i should update my answer. It seems that attribute FILTER is required for some reason, even though the documentation of this tag(cfldap) says otherwise. So for minimum you need to add at least one column to be equal to (all). In my case I added attribute FILTER="cn=" and it finally started working.
I just wish the documentation was a little more accurate on this matter.

How did you determine what your AD server was?

Nevermind, I figured it out from the docs using and a big shout out about this great utility from Windows:

Thank you for this info! Ran into the same thing recently and adding “cn=” to my filter (and including the filter attribute for a bind operation) let it finally work.