Concurrent user limit

Is there any kind of concurrent user count that begins to push lucee to its limits?
I have a potential client with 300 concurrent users all in house. This would be hosted internally on a quad core server with 16bg RAM.
It’s possibly not a huge application in terms of size but I’m just not sure how 300 consecutive users would perform, is this considered pushing things to the sore or is in reality not a huge issue?

that really depends on the performance of your application…

if the average request takes 25ms it’s going to be a lot more viable than if the average
request takes 200ms

You need to do some load testing with a tool like jmeter, here’s a quick howto I wrote a decade ago

I think this also depends on what you mean by “concurrent”. Do you mean 300 people will hit the app in the same day? Same hour? Same second? How many pages are they hitting at once? I’d say a way more meaningful stat is the total number of request per second you need to serve AND what requests you’re actually serving. Are 300 people hitting the homepage? Logging in and placing an order? Running a report?

Like Zak suggested, create a JMeter script that reproduces the kind of traffic you need to account for and see how your app performs. Also, uptime may play into the number of servers you need as well. Does this app need to be online 100% of the time? Do you need to have redundancy for server updates, outages?