Concurrent Requests or what is the root of all evil?


we have a strange problem, we now first noticed on a heavy used system.

We have a component, stored in the session. At some point, we query the database, loop the results and deepending of the row, we call another component.

var service = [Create Component];
while ( {
    var stTemp = StructNew();
    var req = {"sTableName":"foo_bar", "sKeyName":"foo_id", "sOrderBy":"position", "sKeyValue"};
    stTemp["resource"] = (Result["count"][Result.CurrentRow] GT 0) ? service.GetByTable(req) : {};

The function “GetByTable” has a exclusive session lock and then parses the arguments, query the database, and returns a struct. Now we face some really strange error messesages, as the variables are overwritten, e.g. “sTableName” is not “foo_bar”, it is “position” or the value of the id.

Any ideas who i could locate the cause of the problems?