Compress extension zip4j 2.11.1

Just updating the zip4j library to the latest release


Sorry about the delay on this

We had some test issues which have been resolved. (test case was zipping it’s own output sometimes and crashed the github action with an out of space error, sigh)

as usual it’s available via the admin or the downloads page

added some new functionality along the way whilst debugging

LDEV-4141 cfzip action=list, add “encrypted,encryptionAlgorithm,compressionMethod” columns to query

also this should be fixed
LDEV-3987 CFZIP error "net/lingala/zip4j/io/inputstream/NumberedSplitRandomAccessFile

also found another bug (sigh)

LDEV-4142 cfzipparam doesn’t work with encryptionAlgorithm, only with cfzip