Component function script documentation

Hey there,

Can anyone point me in the direction of a way to create component / function documentation for my application -in the source code.

I know the vscode-cfml extension can do it for me - but I need to find all the function declarations, then type “/**” - and then the extension does it’s best to create a list of arguments.

But it missing accessType, returnType and often it misses arguments, or inserts the argument(s) from the “next” function in the component - not the current one.

So it is a lot of manual work…
Is anyone aware of a way that I might be able to create the source-code documentation, automatically?


I “think” I used to use ColdDoc - but it is no longer available

With this:

Happy coding!

Hey @Roberto_Marzialetti ,

But I “think”, I am talking about something else.
I want a tool to annotate the code, in the first instance.


OK sorry. now I understand.
But I don’t think there is anything that transforms attributes of CF to comments for JavaDoc.

What IDE do you use?


The vscode-cfml one - does - but only kinda / sorta - there is still a lot of manual lifting required.